Screen time tips for kids

Screen time tips for kids

Screen time tips for kids

Taking away a tablet from children can cause tears or tantrums and setting limits can be testing! 

Here are some top tips that can help you limit your child’s screen time.

Hands up if you’re guilty of watching TV, scrolling through social media AND shopping on your tablet, all at the same time? This doesn’t go unnoticed by children. Try and lead by example and show children how to use electronic devices healthily. Next time you sit down to enjoy your favourite tv series, put your phone out of reach, take the tablet out of the room and focus on one screen at a time. 

How many times have you told your children to look at you, and not their screen, when you’re talking to them? We’ve all questioned if our child is losing the ability to hold a conversation because of the time they spend in their digital bubble, so consider establishing “tech-free” zones in your home. Perhaps the front room is a phone-free zone? Or the dining room is a designated location for screen-free, family chats?

You could also try a daily digital detox. An hour before bedtime can be a great place to start. Not only does it minimise exposure to blue light before bedtime (which is linked to disrupted sleep patterns) it also allows for more quality time together as a family.

We’re huge advocates of the benefits of technology but, we would always encourage children to become involved in activities that don’t always involve screens. Climb a tree, camp out, look at the stars! Also, next time your children demand their device, ask them “why?”. Children can begin to use the device out of habit, so perhaps encourage them to make the most of the device instead. If they want to watch a film on their device, suggest they make one of their own! Perhaps they’ve recently started work on a science project? Spend some time on fun apps relevant to their study. 

What are your top tips for managing screen time in your home?